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Apple’s moving quietly to a new design. Well, old design. But is not all…


The most sold Apple products? The answer is iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. That was quite easy but let’s get a bit deeper into this. I’ll not talk about the specs or the functionality of them but I'm going to talk about something deeper, with another look at the details of the products themselves.

Is something that we can see from the main article photo. Get it? If yes then you’re awesome! If not you’re still awesome but let me explain to you what I meant by…

Tech is dominating everywhere, now also in Journalism as never before!

Yes, today I’ll talk about the AR Paper (A.K.A — AR Journal). Do you remember in the Harry Potter movies there were newspapers (The Daily Prophet) with people walking and talking, not to mention “living” pictures? I’d actually say we’re getting very close thanks to the continuous progress of technology.

It won’t be magic anymore, but it will be something else: a virtual world that becomes real, according to Techxplore.

In fact, at the Media Technology Center in Zurich, for example, students and researchers are working together to invent…

SE is almost to be on everything!

Credits: Apple

This is just one of the news about the Apple World, more than the new Macs and iPhones and Apple TVs. As we know, “SE” stands for “Special Edition” and was used for the first time on iPhone, exactly after the iPhone 6s launch.

After that, we’ve seen it recently this year the iPhone SE 2020 with the A13 Bionic Chip (The same processor as the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro). But we’re here to talk about this new device, not the iPhone, the Apple Watch SE.

First of all, it has the…

Once a big company began it, all the others sooner or later will copy.

Credits: Apple

Going back with the years, we’ve learned that when a big company does a new project or even a new behavior, most of the rival companies will do the same. It doesn't matter really when they're coping but that’s how trends are created.

Let’s get more specific about what I mean, but to do that I need to dust off some past events.

Everyone knows how limited and minimal are the main screens of the iPhone, and that (before the iOS 14 update) it doesn’t have…

This device is very easy to use, is fully editable from the phone by its app. So the only spec that it has is only the Bluetooth.

This tech device has 2 alarm levels. When the phone will be too far from the kid seat, the device will turn on with a loud ring to tell you that you’re away from your baby. The 2nd alarm is only for urgent cases. …

Finally, there’s a startup that found the way to reach the perfect coffee!

Every day, most of the world population drinks at least a cup of coffee. Doesn’t matter if is an espresso, double coffee or the American one. The real question is, “is the coffee that I’m drinking made right?”.

To reply at this question, and to discover what type of technologies are in this innovative coffee machine I’ve done my first interview ever with Linas Carcano (Creator of the Startup “Morning Coffee”) and Rubens Rainelli (UX & Marketing Consultant, member of the “Morning Coffee” Team). …

Google is moving into a new teaching technology!

Credits: Google

Google has launched a new educational and professional program called “Google Career Certificates”. These courses actually were ideated at the beginning for IT fields, then it expands to others. Now “The Giant G” wanted to improve this service including “Project Manager” and more fields, the most impressive thing is that in only 6 months course you’ll be certified (and get the certificate) at your field as you were in university. In fewer words, what you study in 4 years of university, you can do it in 6 months thanks to Google Service.

The Real Battle is now in court!

It was mid-August when Apple first, then Google removed from their stores the most popular battle royal game “Fortnite”. The reason was that Epic Games did not follow the guidelines of Apple App Store and Google Play Store for the in-app purchases. …

9.99$ / month subscription, is really worth it?

Apple News + Logo

The Apple News + service was launched on 25th March 2019, This service allows you to have a lot of features more than the free subscription.

But is really worth it 9.99$ / month?

Here’s the point, with the free subscription I can have (according to Apple Website):

  • Top stories are chosen by editors, personalized for you;
  • Apple News Today;
  • Local news;
  • Private and secure reading;
  • CarPlay;

Now let’s see the paid subscription. If you’ll do the + plan you’ll have (according to Apple Website) :

  • Hundreds of premium magazines and newspapers;
  • Apple News+ audio stories;
  • Enhanced local news experience…

Why AI? What’s the Goal of this creation?

Credit: Towards Data Science

AI… is not new at all! Is not discovered only now on Smartphones or PCs. According to Wikipedia, the field of AI research was founded at a workshop held on the campus of Dartmouth College during the summer of 1956. (I wasn’t even born).

In the same year, Dartmouth College took a conference called “The Dartmouth Conference” and was organized by Marvin Minsky, John McCarthy and two senior scientists: Claude Shannon and Nathan Rochester from IBM.

“Every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can be so precisely described that…

Yehia El Taher

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